I made some stickers! I’ve been trying to improve my digital art skills so I made these for Valentimes. I draw them, then print them on Giant shipping labels, and then I cut them out. When I’m feeling really fancy I “laminate” them with packing tape. Advertisements

Frog Hall

There’s a giant frog on city hall! Awwwee he’s cute though. This drawing was really fun to do and has a bit of a message but your’e gonna have to figure that out for yourself (cus I’m too lazy to type it all out. Sooorry). One day I might even be able to muster up … More Frog Hall

Richmond Pillars

This is a painting I made last year for an illustration assignment based on maps. It’s a map of my home back on Vancouver island.  I painted it as an anniversary present for my parents but my awesome teacher (thanks Nick!) got me to enter it in a contest to be installed at a Richmond … More Richmond Pillars