Dog Envy

  This is Cali! Ah! She is So cute. It was my friends Birthday so I drew a likeness of her dog on the card, then added a lil hat to make it festive. I like to think that I did this out of love for my friend, but tbh I’m just a huge Cali … More Dog Envy

Farmer Bun

I’m working on and idea for a children’s book. The main character is a farmer bun. I realize that rabbits as farmers aren’t soooper original. For example: Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh, although Rabbit was quite liberal with the pesticides. My character will be much more environmentally conscious and very sustainable.  

Mighty Derks

Sydkney Mark  Strikes again! This was a card for my G-Ma’s 85th B-day. She was really excited about the ducks my parents were raising so they became my main inspiration. It took me years to realize that you can draw things other than cakes and presents on a birthday card. So now I draw haminals. … More Mighty Derks


I started making cards when I was a kid. I would always write on the back “Sydkney Mark” (Like hallmark I guess?). Now everyone expects an original “Sydkney Mark” card on their birthday, Christmas,Valentimes, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Easter, National Talk Like a Pirate Day…. I’m a card making machine!