Evil Oven

More From Pumpkin (wt). This is the evil oven that Pumpkin (or in this chapter, her dog Lilith) uses to make cursed confections. pretty cute huh?


This is a single tiny panel form Pumpkin (working title). I get up at 6:00 am every morning to do homework instead of staying up late. I get to watch the sun rise, and even though its very nice, it still makes me grumpy cus I’m up so early T T


Ooooh so cute! these little guys are Chin-Sing Root (latin: Mentum Melodious).  They grow in small patches called choirs and pair well with Blue-Bells (See musical Flowers). If the root only hums to itself, it is not mature enough for harvest. The root is ready when it displays a strong chin and a pleasant singing … More Chin-Sing