Elephants and Tea

Ha-zaaa! This took me 4-evar! Each colour is a separate hand cut stencil. Every time I put down ink I had to wait for it to dry before I could move on, and the stencil started falling apart half way through… But it’s done! And I think it looks pretty good ^^

Eye Ballin’

Is it uncouth to use “ballin” in the title two times in in two days? Ballin just seems to be my descriptive word of choice these days… ANYWAYS, I’ve finally started printing! My original drawings were a bit too detailed so I carved some simplified blocks. I’m really happy with how this one turned out!

Ballin’ Yaga

Ballin Yaga? Ugh, coming up with titles is tiring, I need a nap… But that pattern tho. This one would be a quarter turn tile pattern, so four Baba Yaga’s would make circley motif thing. I’m all about Baba Yaga these days. And eyes balls. Actually I’m always into eye balls.