Custom Celebrity Crush Desktop Wallpapers by Sydkney

Bill Murray is my number two celebrity crush! I drew this picture of him because I love him. I instagramed it with the same “custom desktop” caption as a joke, but then I got a bunch of requests!  Wouldn’t it be amazing if I made my living by designing celebrity crush desktop wallpapers?!  I’m fantasizing … More Custom Celebrity Crush Desktop Wallpapers by Sydkney


Some doodles in a bathroom stall at school reminded me of an episode of Arrested Development where Lindsay decides to start a bead company but GOB thinks she’s saying bees. I went home and instead of doing homework, dedicated an hour to making this Lucille Bluth sticker. If you watch AD it’ll make sense, if … More BEES?!

Boo Berries

“Boo berries are the tiny ghosts of elderly berries with unfinished business. They float around and haunt the Wormwood Forest…When you exorcise a haunted bush the boo berries need someplace to go, so have a handful of host berries ready ahead of time for the boos to possess…” Pumpkin’s Guide to Floral Fauna Vol.1

Valentines Buttons

I recently found a place where I can make buttons, it’s so fun, I wanna make so many buttoooons! My co-worker always says “You should sell that” whenever I give him something I made, and I’m like “I knoooow”. But then I’d have to reply to emails and buy stamps and stuff……mrrrrrr being grown-up is … More Valentines Buttons