Happy Together.

Often when I make a piece I love it and think it’s my best work, that is, until a new one comes along. But I’ve loved this design consistently since I made it and I’m so happy to see it made into a sticker. I just reserved a shop on threadless.com, which will hopefully be … More Happy Together.

Stick ’em UP!

I’ve got some stickers printed! I used previous pet portraits and past works just as a test run. I’m thinning of offering sticker books as an addition item on etsy. If you purchase a custom pet portrait you will have the option of buying buttons and stickers too! You might recognize the “Love” and “Happy … More Stick ’em UP!

Pumpkin’s Guide to Floral Fauna – Now in Print!

All my hard work has finally paid off! Pumpkin’s Guide to Floral Fauna is now in print. Holding a copy of my own book in my hands is so strange and wonderful. This book is only one of the many elements that make up Pumpkin’s Desk at the Emily Carr Grad Exhibition ( May 2015), but it was the most … More Pumpkin’s Guide to Floral Fauna – Now in Print!

Napple Complete

So cute, so peaceful, so…delicious! Yes, Pumpkin Pye DOES eat napples. I set the napple up for a test run of Pumpkins desk. Among the many objets were apples cores in various stages of decomposition. Someone asked in a shaky voice ” Does Pumpkin….EAT…the napple?!?” . Hahahahaha! just had a thought: Napple Cores Corpse. It … More Napple Complete