July Calendar

A while back I started making my own calendar pages because I’m too cheap/lazy to buy a real one. I started out by making illustrations for each month, but eventually lost motivation and ended up simply copy and pasting an image of Avril Lavigne for my April calendar. I used an image of Mei from … More July Calendar


Here is my rendition of Brynne and Chris’s character Cordelia from their book Out of Reach. See previous post for more details.


Here is my rendition of Brynne and Chris’s Ophelia character from their book Out of Reach.  See previous post for more info.

Classmate Collab

  I recently got to be a part of an awesome collaboration. My friends Brynne Johnston and Christopher Lee wrote and illustrated a beautiful book called “Out of Reach”, and I was asked to contribute some work to their set of collector’s cards. Since I was working on Pumpkin at the time I decided to … More Classmate Collab