Napple Complete

So cute, so peaceful, so…delicious! Yes, Pumpkin Pye DOES eat napples. I set the napple up for a test run of Pumpkins desk. Among the many objets were apples cores in various stages of decomposition. Someone asked in a shaky voice ” Does Pumpkin….EAT…the napple?!?” . Hahahahaha! just had a thought: Napple Cores Corpse. It … More Napple Complete


Finally working on Pumpkin’s clothes! First I dyed some organic cotton with gall nut, osage, and iron. Now I’m painting it with gold gutta which is NOT natural, but it’s so pretty! Next step, sewing. Then I have to figure out how to present the clothes for crit without a dress form…. Any ideas? (If … More Gooold!