Getting ready for Vancaf!! I’ll be selling Pumpkin Vol 1, Pumpkin’s Field Guide, Dilly Bar zines, prints, buttons, and coffee mugs. come see me this weekend! ❤

Stickman Zombie!

Shout out to my fellow comic artist and bidness pardner Ross Brownell-Dupont. This is Stickman Zombie, Ross’s current project. Stickman Zombie is illustrated in a very sleek and minimal stye, completely done by hand. That’s not copic marker my friends, it’s ink wash!  With almost no text (save for sound effects and curse words) Ross tells a harrowing story about friendship and … More Stickman Zombie!

P.P. Good Dog

Pumpkin’s dog Lilith is awesome. It eats annoying birds, makes a mean cup of tea, and does Pumpkin’s taxes. Such a fun character to draw. Pee Ess!! I just made a Pumpkin page where you can read about the upcoming book and check out the original pages that started this whole thing. Check it!