Folklore Fashion

More hand dyed and painted fabric. This is the bottom half of a long skirt. The other side has a different girl, and the centre will open to revel another, more fantastical girl. This skirt is for theĀ Pumpkin’s DeskĀ Installation. I’ve made up my own folk tale about the characters painted on the skirt, one that … More Folklore Fashion


Finally working on Pumpkin’s clothes! First I dyed some organic cotton with gall nut, osage, and iron. Now I’m painting it with gold gutta which is NOT natural, but it’s so pretty! Next step, sewing. Then I have to figure out how to present the clothes for crit without a dress form…. Any ideas? (If … More Gooold!

Pumpkin’s Cape

This is the third and final piece of clothing that I’ll be making for the pumpkin installation. It a cute little cape with an apple core pattern on it. originally I was going to dye some cotton grey, but I’m thinking I might get some linen. I think I might add a hood as well!