Pumpkin is a graphic novel project I began during my final year at Emily Carr Unversity. It started with a few pages and quickly became my main focus. While at school I completed a small, nine page, “intro” to what would later become a full length graphic novel. I also wrote and illustrated “Pumpkin’s Guide to Floral Fauna”  which will be available for sale in spring 2016, along with the fist volume of Pumpkin .

The story of Pumpkin is one of independence and determination. Pumpkin is a young witch who lives on the edge of the Wormwood, far away form apprehensive villagers. Although her parents left on an unknown mission a few years ago, Pumpkin has her four-eyed demon dog Lilith to keep her company. Together they hunt and harvest Plantimals (plant/animal hybrids) to use as potion ingredients, to then sell to the villagers (via bat courier). Pumpkin also keeps a detailed field guide of the plantimals, filled with helpful hunting information and potion recipes.

The two companions lead a fairly peaceful life in their neck of the woods, until one day, ingredients start to go missing, and an unusual character is found causing a commotion in the Wormwood. The first instalment of the series will be available in Spring 2016. Until then , please enjoy the nine pages that started it all! Thanks for reading ^^